Meet our Officers

This page highlights all the hardworking people who serve at the AUBA and have committed to serving this Administration.
Rev. Dr. Richard WingfieldRev. Dr. Richard Wingfield
Pastor, Unity Baptist Church - Braddock, PA

Rev. Theodore PughRev. Theodore Pugh
Vice Moderator at-Large
Pastor, Jerusalem Baptist Church - Pittsburgh, PA

Rev. John Cook Jr.Rev. John Cook Jr.
Executive Secretary
Pastor, Victory Baptist Church - Pittsburgh, PA

Rev. Clevon DukesRev. Clevon Dukes
Vice Moderator Beaver Area
Pastor, New Hope Baptist Church - Farrell, PA

 Rev. Archie D. Perrin Rev. Archie D. Perrin
Vice Moderator Lower Monongahela Area
Pastor Macedonia Baptist Church - Duquesne, PA

Rev. Dr. Deborah HarrisRev. Dr. Deborah Harris
Vice Moderator Kiski Valley Area
Co-Pastor, Second Baptist Church, Leechburg, PA

Rev. Phillip BattleRev. Phillip Battle
Vice Moderator Pittsburgh Area
Pastor, New Light Temple Baptist Church, Pittsburgh, PA

Rev. Richard D. White Jr.Rev. Richard D. White Jr.
Vice Moderator Upper Ohio Area

Rev. Barbara DeBruceRev. Barbara DeBruce
Recording Secretary
Pastor, Holy Trinity Baptist Church, Pittsburgh, PA

Rev. Lisa RichbourgRev. Lisa Richbourg
Pastor, Pilgrim Baptist Church -Pittsburgh, PA

Min. Richard StevensonMin. Richard Stevenson
Assistant Treasurer
Associate, Morning Star Baptist Church, Clariton, PA

Dr. Lenall ThomasDr. Lenall Thomas
Dean, Congress of Christian Education
Morningstar Baptist Church - Glenwood, PA

Dr. Elayne ArringtonDr. Elayne Arrington
Emeritus, Board of Christian Education
Morning Star Baptist Church - West Mifflin, PA