About Us

Our Vision

 The “leading edge” resource for Christian information, education, counsel and support regarding matters of church doctrine, liturgy, development, advancement and polity for Black Baptist pastors, ministers, religious leaders and laypersons throughout the Western Pennsylvania area, vicinity and beyond.

Achieving together what we cannot accomplish alone.”


The A.U.B.A., in an effort to follow God’s direction and purpose, commits to the achievement of the following goals:

1. To increase church representation and pastoral engagement; thereby, alleviating critical debt and developing a more self-supporting organizational structure.

2. To promote better awareness, comprehension and implementation of Baptist doctrine through coordinated educational opportunities, as well as administration of individual pastoral counseling as needed.

3. To enhance community awareness of Association purpose and impact through creation and establishment of an overall marketing/media plan.

4. To increase Association church fellowship through development and implementation of a comprehensive communication strategy, to ensure improved attendance and participation.

5. To increase more convenient access to Association information and initiatives through upgrading Association elements including reconstruction of website, interactive capacities for member feedback and input, etc.

6. To foster local and widespread credibility with pastors and other church leaders through providing information and resources on "real time" topics, such as pastoral search, church planting, managing through church separations and unifications, establishing non-profit status and starting outreach programs, such as food banks or clothing centers, etc.

7. To establish the A.U.B.A. as an empowering entity through formalized partnering with churches on mutual interest efforts and to assist in individual goal achievement as well as overall key support.

PREMISE (Plan Explanation)

The Strategic Organizational Plan was developed in 2003 to enhance the ability of the Allegheny Union Baptist Association to serve its primary purpose – to be a vehicle for God’s use in providing spiritual insight and guidance as well as foster unity and cooperation in the Black Baptist community of Western Pennsylvania and Vicinity. After 51 years in existence, the leadership of this organization felt it not robbery to carefully review and refine its practices, procedures, policies and processes to assess its strengths – as well as target areas of development. The elements of this plan have been designed and compiled to improve the present-day effectiveness and relevance of the A.U.B.A. as related to its constituency.